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  • Hydroponic Tomato Production

    Hydroponic Tomato Production

    $50.00 - 10 in stock

    Hydroponic Tomato Production: This book takes a comprehensive look at the range of hydroponic techniques available for tomato production & how to manage them successfully, includes..

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  • Hydroponic Lettuce Production

    Hydroponic Lettuce Production

    $40.00 - 10 in stock

    Hydroponic Lettuce Production..

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  • Integral Hydroponics

    Integral Hydroponics

    $40.00 - 8 in stock

    Integral Hydroponics: This book takes the trial & error out of indoor gardening, it is a must read for novice gardeners, gain years of knowledge that is based on sound scientific t..

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  • Hydroponic Crop Production

    Hydroponic Crop Production

    $30.00 - 10 in stock

    Hydroponic Crop Production: This is a practical guide to growing commercial vegetables and cut flowers in hydroponics. It is designed to assist new growers to establish a hydroponi..

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  • Hydroponic Gardening in Australia

    Hydroponic Gardening in Australia

    $30.00 - 10 in stock

    Hydroponic Gardening in Australia: This book covers both small and large scale set-ups and gives you all the information necessary you will need for a successful system. It explain..

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  • Lighting in Horticulture

    Lighting in Horticulture

    $15.00 - 10 in stock

    Lighting in Horticulture: This book provides a general knowledge of light and the photobiological processes that take place in plants, & the lighting technology now available to st..

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  • Hydroponic Basics

    Hydroponic Basics

    $10.00 - 10 in stock

    Hydroponic Basics: A pocket sized guide to growing under lights, covers every subject are, very handy guide to setting up...

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  • Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses

    Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses

    $9.95 - 10 in stock

    Practical Hydroponics & Greenhouses: This Magazine is a bi-monthly publication with international distribution & is considered to be a piece of high quality reference material with..

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